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About Hetell

We are a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), providing cost-effective, world-class assembly services, local support and dedicated to helping our customers successfully deliver products to their markets and customers. Our mission is to solve electronic assembly problems for you.


Benefits & Advantages
·  Local support, close to you, your markets and customers
·  Cost-effective, world-class assembly facility in ShenZhen, China
·  Responsive and flexible to meet unique customer needs

We provide local support with cost-effective pricing via off-shore manufacturing
We are about 150 people strong with 3 fully automated SMT lines, TH capability, AOI, ICT and capacity for over 1 million assemblies annually.

Others,We use high-end technologies and equipment to perfect the technique of IC code recovering (extracting code from MCU, DSP, PLD, CPLD, FPGA, AVR). So up to now, we are able to crack various ......

By PCB layers: Single panel Double-sided Four-layer board Six panels Eight plates Ten layers Twelve layers MLB 
By PCB Plate: HASL Gold plate Immersion Gold board Aluminum plate Copper substrate Iron substrate Ceramic plate 
By PCB APP: Industrial plate Industrial plate Industrial plate Audio board High frequency board Blind buried via Mobile Phone Board Computer motherboards 
By PCB Sorts: Rigid board Flexible board Flexible board Blind and buried hole circuit boards 
Can decrypt the chip series

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